Tuesday, 16 January 2018


Hey Fam! Been a while since I wrote a blog. I've been so occupied with things lately. I've hardly had time for myself. Meh.

With the starting of the new year, I took some time to look back to all the CRAZY that took place in 2017. It's been a wildly satisfying year. Let me just lay it down..

-Convinced my parents to drive down all the way to college.

-Met with an accident. Literally bumped into a cow. A cow, a.k.a., *maut ki machine*.

-Re-visited Ladakh.

-Fell in love with cardio.

-Lost weight.

-Fell sick, again.

-Witnessed the ugly truths.

-Got closer with my 'dost log' from college.

-Lost a dear friend. Had my first performance without him.




-Got asked out. 

-Got ignored. Got attention.

-Discovered a new found love for the Me-Time.

-Fought my way to an All-Guys trip to Manali with my parents. My Big Man didn't talk to me for two days. Heh. Who needs kids when you have parents? I knew they weren't talking to me. Made it pretty obvious. And also talked about how much "FUN" they had on the New Year's eve while lunching together. 
Like, seriously, I legitimately saw that child throwing tantrums and trynna show how cool things were when I was out. That's how they tried to get my attention and make me feel guilty. Damn. Parents I tell ya.

-Realised that my little Hermit's (Brother) grown big enough to make me see the logic behind everything.  
And the list goes on...

None of the things that I've mentioned above were planned. Heck. I didn't see any of those coming. Well, I guess that's what the element of surprise is. I'll be witnessing this every now and then. 
Heh. Damn. Literally caught me off guard there.

With my college finally coming to an end, I've started noticing all the changes around me. And to be very honest, I'm not taking the change very well. I mean, there's excitement, but still a weird sense of anxiety. I'm at THAT point of life where all the 'Oldies' go, "Sat Siri Akal Beta! So. You're next." 
Umm..how about "NO."? C'mon ya'll! There are more things  to a girl's life other than marriage! Well I understand that it's eventually going to happen but daammmnnn! No Bro. You guys need to stop. You put us in a very awkward situation where we can't sound excited, or sound totally 'eeeewwww'. Because let's just face it, either way, they're going to judge us and have some fun gossip to talk about. Damn ya'll. Get a life.

Sorry but I'm being brutally honest. Tell me if you haven't come across such people. Ugh.

Ayhoo! Bebe has a very firm image of a perfect man for me. Financially stable, belongs to a good family, adores me and looks hella good. Well Mom, I hate to break it to you, but Men are not good looking. They're literally playing the game of life on "Extremely Difficult". Heh. Kidding. But I feel, looks are not really a priority. And maybe never will be. But bleh,  I'm not ready for it. It sounds just too much work! Talking about work, I do have a training period and a few placements lined up for me. So meh. I've got better things to work on as of now. 

You know what really bugs me? The fact that you're expected to be SUPER sure about what you're going to opt for. I'm not a very "Plan your life out well in advance" kinda person. I mean, I do have a vision but it's more like "I'm gonna do my part, rest is *jo kismat me likha hai*." I'm a very laid back person which my parents usually mistake with being extremely 'lazy'. But yes, I might not know what I want to do in future, but I certainly know what I don't. So that's working out just fine.

Coming back to the crazy changes, I've officially parted ways with my Best Friend who was also my Roomie for a period of 5 years. Not being able to see her ugly face EVERYDAY is hard to digest. The 9 to 5 college routine, cribbing of not being able to lose weight, hating the hostel life, the late night 'Magic Liquid' times (if you know what I mean. *winks*), etc. etc. are some of the major factors that are making things soooooo hard for me. Argh! Damn. Life is weirdly giving me jitters.

Change is not bad, if you really think about it. Being in a comfort zone is nice. It's always tempting. It's cozy, warm and basically you chill all the time, which I have done most of my life. But stepping out of college meant stepping out of the comfort bubble. It's the Real World you're going to be engaging with. No parents to take care of you, no support system, it's only going to be YOU. 

The whole point of me writing this blog is that I want my readers to know that Changes can be hard. I get it. But it's even harder if you don't let go and move on. Life's all about changes. Meeting new people, going places, changing hobbies blah blah, there's always something you can look forward to. For instance, I'm looking forward to moving out and being independent. 
And also adopting 3 dogs. 

I'm thisss close to becoming a crazy Dog Lady.

I also want ya'll to know that the sooner you start taking life as an Adventure, the happier you will be! (At least I am). It's always the obstacles that make memories and teach you important life lessons. The goal is only a motivation. 

P.S., More than anyone else, I will be needing to re-read this. The changes are hitting me hard, I think this little blog right here will keep me motivated and give me a tiny bit of strength to let go and move on every now and then. 

I will be making beautiful memories and living my life to the fullest! I'm ready to step out in the world and do my thaaaannngg! Yas! 

Picture Credits: Guneet Kaur

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Saturday, 17 June 2017


"The secret of life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside."
-Mark Twain

A lazy day it was, and I suddenly got an invitation from 'The Lalit' for the Szechuan Food Festival taking place at OKO. My eyes sparkled and I decided it to be a 'No Lunch Day'. I knew I'd be devouring the delicious meal prepared by Chef Lou! As I entered, there was a sudden gush of warmth and peace that calmed me down. I was spellbound by the ambience, the lights, the environment was just right to make me hungrier than I last remembered.

Let's begin with my favourite part, the food.

I started off with the salads. The presentation was great and it was now just a matter of tasting it to see whether it will stand the test of my tastebuds. Oh my - and trust me my taste buds are hard to satisfy...
I was served a Chicken Salad, a Black Fungus Mushroom Salad and a Lamb Salad. Ummm... the servings were just the right amount, I always think about health when I see a salad (not that it matters too much after I take the first bite...) The salads looked deliciously good. I picked up the fork, stabbed it into the vegetables followed by the chicken and I put it into my already mouth waterin. And boy it was sumptuous! Against all my expectations my stomach was giving me signal that it is already getting full...

An immaculately laid table. 

By the time the main course arrived - I was was ready yet again to take it head on. Out of these, my favourite were the fried rice that had a hint of eggs and they tasted absolutely amazing. The noodles and the fish blew my mind! The entire combination was scrumptious and left me wanting for more. Every helping I took was like tasting a bit of heaven.

Looks heavenly, doesn't it?
By the time I saw the man with the desserts walking towards me, my tummy was screaming! But then I thought to myself, "When would I get to use my mini-desert-tummy?"

Yeap, I'm one of those, as they placed the dessert infront of me, I hardly had the time to take a good look at it before I DEVOURED these beauties. I loved the desserts! The sweetness was perfect. Juuuust the way I like it! 

Finally, I met the man who syncronized this ballet of dishes to dance in front of me. Met Chef Jin Hong Lou who brought his lip-smacking delicacies all the way from China. You first eat food visually, by your eyes. Chef Lou's impressive presentations were a delight and he was so positive to whatever he created. His menu was spectacular and such variety always boggles the mind. I had no words to thank him enough as I ended my rendezvous with Lalit, I had to go back home and hit the bed. My parents were waiting to hear the reviews! I wish I could have had some more time to talk to them but my stomach was screaming for me to walk  the Zombie to my room...

I'll soon be going back for more! Until then, stay tuned!

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Tuesday, 6 June 2017



One of the things that I like the most about myself, is also the thing that gives me my worst nightmares. Of course you've guessed it right, my 'wiggly-wiggled' hair. When I first got the invitation from the Vintage Salon, I had sleepless nights. The question was simple, though I would've loved to experiment with my hair, but what if I lost my curls forever?

So, with great apprehension, I finally decided to take the plunge. But mind you, my Father Saab always had a smirky smile on his face and was loving every moment of my indecision and arguments with Bebe. He was the one who was making the best of the moment. 
Anyhoo. So I got up on the right side of the bed and just went for it. I declared my decision to my mother, called up my friend, stepped out of the house and to the Salon I drove. 

This apprehension did not die down till I parked my car and entered the salon. I was greeted by the receptionist and I quickly spelt out my apprehensions so fast that it might have sounded like an incoherent blabber.  The ambiance was beautiful with very soothing and warm lighting which somehow managed to calm me down. I finally put my restlessness aside and without hesitating, started searching for the perfect hair colour.

I met the hair stylist and was convinced with the colour he offered for my hair. 

You do need a lot of patience for these. Anyhoo, we chose Schwarzkopf's Igora Royal which is something close to the honey-caramel colour.

And tadaaaa! Funny how a hair colour can give you a whole new lool! 

The best part about this Salon was that the I was given very genuine suggestions. No false hopes or the fake 'Madam best lagega aap pe' or the zabardasti pressurising 'Mam do this, Mam do that.' I truly was impressed and it did help to calm me down.  I was very happy with the services and the positive atmosphere. The interiors are my favourite part! The yellow lights, the old school red bricked walls with a touch of wood. Ah so pleasant! Do check out the Vintage Salon at Sec.26, Chandigarh and have an experience of your own! 

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Picture Courtesy: Guneet Kaur 

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Friday, 2 June 2017


When it comes to the Ethnic Attire, I make sure I wear something super easy. Since I'm a very clumsy and a gawky woman, I have to, HAVE TO come terms with the fact that a tough outfit is only going to make things worse. So I chose a sillhoutte which was super-duper comfortable, at the same time very elegant and bright. I got to wear this gorgeous pallazo suit from Reenozas and  couldn't be happier! 

Have a look! 

I'm wearing a cotton self-embroidered shirt with an underlining extended lower than the shirt which has striped Gold-trimmings. 

Since being comfortable is my funda, I'm wearing these really pretty Cream Pallazos having a Gold-cut-work on the border which is in contrast with the shirt. 

Any suit is incomplete without a dupatta. So I'm wearing an Off-White Dupatta which has yellow motifs all over it. 

I paired this up with a copper punjabi jutti and a beautiful set of Mom's silver earrings. This bright outfit stands out! Also, I fell in love with the colour as soon as I entered the apparel studio.

Check out Reenozas at Sec.8, Chandigarh and Phase 7, Mohali for their stunning collection of suits and lehengas! Oooh! Don't forget to try their latest Punjabi Juttis to complete the look! Fall in love with the Desi You! 

Stay tuned for more!

Picture Courtesy: Guneet Kaur

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Tuesday, 9 May 2017


Greetings! Welcome back to my world again. I thought of bringing something fresh for my readers, so here I am with a new post on the ethnic attire. 
I was off at a wedding, which became a little too monotonous cause I'd been attending weddings for the past few months. Instead of going in for the same old Salwar-Kameez/Churhidaar trend, I decided to wear something which is light, bright and comfortable. So Mum started working on a beautiful orange-ruby pink suit paired with a pallazo
Have a look!

It's a beautiful orange crepe with baadalaa work over it. 

To brighten up the 'already-bright' orange, it's given a ruby-pink baadala border. 

One could always go in for pencil pants with this or churhidaars, but I preferred this broad gher pallazos, which also has the same work as the shirt. 

To complete the suit, it has a net orange dupatta with ruby-pink border.

Since I was already wearing a very heavy outfit, I did not want to over-accesorize myself. So I wore a golden watch and pearl & coral jhumkas
Last but not the least, instead of punishing myself by wearing heels, I went in for my favourite, the Punjabi Jutti.
Also you could wear a pretty pair of payal/jhanjaraa/anklet. It gives a nice peep. 
I'm awing this outfit as it's one of the most comfortable outfits I own. I cannot comprise on my comfort level when it comes to clothing. If I don't feel free wearing something, it shows on my face. I'm a very awkward human, trust me. 

I'll be back with more and more! Stay tuned!

Picture Credits: Kartik Arora & Taranbir Singh 

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Saturday, 8 April 2017


Hey amazing people! I'm back with another "I miss winters" post cause I really do! This is one post which was pending and I waited a little too long to post this up! 
Anyhoo! So I was at the mall with my Bebe and we DECIDED! "Only window shopping!" But nooooooo! The woman instincts just HAD to kick in. You see, it's a rule of shopping one must know. When you're out looking for that perfect dress, kuch nai milnaaaa! (But you're done with your day's cardio, so YAYY!) And when you're not intending to buy even the tiniest of the accessories, you'll be drooling over all those pretty outfits you could buy but your bank balance says "HELL NO GIRL!" Well, that's actually Father Saab yelling but hey! Same thing. I guess. (I can feel the death stares coming all the way from home.)
Coming back to the outfit, me and Bebe decided to shop only for her. She looked for something very sophisticated and elegant and apparently that's how she should dress up (which I don't agree cause she can pull off a girl's outfit better than me.)
Unfortunately, she couldn't find anything but me being a compulsive shopper, I found loads and loads. I finally came across this gorgeous mustard skirt and as I went for a trial, this floral crop top sparkled from a distance and I ran across the store and grabbed my size. Both the things looked so perfect together I just had to buy! Have a look!

Crop Top: F21
Skirt: F21
I really loved this combo. Especially the skirt. I could wear it as a high-waister or at the mid-waist level. It's super comfortable either way. 

My favourite part about this crop-top is that it's stretchable and is a gentle body hugger. And it's floral! BONUS! 

I paired it with a leather jacket and high-knee boots cause it was freezing that day! So for summers, wear a pair of those gorgeous black pencil heels, take off the jacket and you're good to go! 

Coming to the Curvy and Crazy part, nothing made me feel under-confident about my body. This outfit made me feel happy and then the obvious peppy-comfy mode kicked in. Over the years I've realised, that when you're conscious about yourself, people tend to notice that fear. It's weird but yes, we do get sadistic pleasures by making other people feel bad about themselves. I mean, it's everywhere! The most regular examples are the TV commercials. Brands making one's natural skin, complexion, hair etc. look monstrous. It messes with your head and you want to be like any other actress/pretty human on the screen. That's ridiculously absurd.  You don't have to look like Katrina to be considered amongst the pretty ones. You have to be YOU. And for looking beautiful, you gotta feel beautiful. That's the trick ladies! Embrace your flaws cause the world needs a little crazy! *winks*

Stay tuned for more!

Picture Credits: Guneet Kaur

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Thursday, 16 March 2017


Hola wonderful people! It's been a while since I've posted a blog. Couldn't be regular due to something or the other. Being a college student, various events, functions, fests etc. kept coming up and being into Bhangra, couldn't help but perform in each one of em!
Coming back to the blog post. Since I've done a lot of posts on ethnic wear, casual wear, dresses etc etc., thought why not go for something different this time? Now that I'll be working soon (still have a year mate, 5 year course ain't easy.), as in an internship, most probably in a firm, I'd like to go a little off-grid. I put up a look together which was an experiment gone right and I couldn't be prouder! Take a look!

Let's begin with the deets!

Coat: Madame
I am very very VERY fond of long coats. Long coats add on to the elegance of the outfit and also gives it a formal look. 


 I'm wearing a grey pleated skirt here paired up with a floral shirt. As I have broader shoulders, I decided to tuck in the shirt as it helps focus on the waist line rather than the shoulders eventually giving me a taller and slimmer look. 

Heels: Chief 
Not to forget, the peep toes. I've fallen in love with these beauties! They give you a very Boss Girl look and also give you the height! *winks*
Fun Fact: Heels help you stand/sit/walk in a better posture! 

I accessorised the look by adding on a pair of Pearl Earrings (which I stole from Bebe). Also, these retro spectacles contributed in completing this outfit successfully!
Coming to the hairdo, I've always let my hair loose for most of the looks. Here I went for a messy Curly-Hair-Bun. It's gonna be my new favourite look for while!

This outfit somehow does remind me of my school days. The grey skirt, the crisp white shirt and the black shoes! Sure there are a few alterations but meh, it's fashion blog after all! 

Every woman has a different body type. You just gotta keep a few tips and tricks in mind to make the outfit look absolutely stunning and flawless! 

Stay tuned for more updates! 

Picture Credits: Guneet Kaur

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